I'm a  typical kid who makes youtube videos for fun. My youtube channel is 10137killer it won't matter though because I will be stoping soon for certain reasons, which I will talk about soon. So today I was watching some pokemon videos and decided I wanted pokemon red but I wanted the Japanese version of the game but I couldn't find a single Japanese version so I decided to download a rom for my gameboy emulator. The game was very fun I enjoyed the game, and the best part was I was trying something new I was playing the Japanese version, but it wasn't until I got to lavender town that changed my childhood memories forever. It wasn't the town that scared me because I've been to this certain place before in the USA version of the game, it was the song that gave me pain in my head I couldn't take it anymore the song was evil so I shut off my tablet. I had nightmares about the song every night I would have the same nightmare I would dream that I was in lavender town forced to listen to that high pitched song, and the ghost pokemon would be flying around me repeating the same words over and over again "leave now" I couldn't help myself I started getting really sick and I could still hear the song in my head. One day I was watching youtube and I found this certain video that caught my attention, it was called "lavender town the missing frequency mystery" so I started watching the video, it was the same Japanese lavender town song but around 9 minutes of the song it went crazy. The frequence analyzer showed the ghost pokemon while the song was crazy, it also showed unknowns behind the ghost pokemon which was strange because unknowns wasn't in pokemon until the second generation. The unknowns translated "leave now" then I realized it was the same message as from my dream. But the song started hurting my head I couldn't take it anymore. Its now or never I was thinking about doing it, about taking my own life the song was stuck in my head so I had no reason to live. Why didn't I read the pokemon syndrome creepypasta?

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