As some of you might already know, I post creepypastas on a monthly basis. But now with my novel (that I actually have the ambition to write for once. Yeah, storm warning and Faster Than Light pretty much were dead from the start. Not to mention FTL was more fanfiction than anything.) I will be posting every two months. So that means that the monthly finger-licking, mind-fucking madness of my writing will have to wait for this month. My schedule will go as follows

January - Novel

February - Creepypasta

March - Novel

April - Creepypasta

May - Novel

June - Creepypasta

July - Novel

August - Creepypasta

September - Novel

And hopefully by that time, I'll have finished the novel. If not, this schedule will keep going until it's finished.

Happy hunting (or writing.. whatever)

-Your friendly neighborhood Sifenchar

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