• SimplyOddest

    Freddy's Pastas...

    January 3, 2015 by SimplyOddest

    So, lately, I've been reading FNaF Pastas. Oh boy...

    I'm not pointing out to any in particular, but...FNaF, as a concept, just DOESN'T WORK for a Creepypasta. FNaF is something you expect to be creepy, and you know what to expect from it: animatronic animals jumping in your face and screaming. Oh, and a Puppet...thing. If you know what to expect from FNaF Pastas, how are they gonna work as horror stories? 

    Now, USUALLY, people use one of two premises for FNaF Pastas:

    1: A retelling of the Bite of '87. Be it you were some kid who was playing around in Pirate Cove, or got too close to Foxy, or a criminal who comes in undetected and Foxy lunges at him (or Mangle, since they're supposed to be tied into criminal databases?), for this story, have s…

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