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aka The Blood Knight

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  • I live in New Alexandria, Montana
  • My occupation is Indie game developer and author, also dishwasher at my university.
  • I am Male
  • Sir Areis Lionheart

    Real mature gentlemen. Deleting my blog just because you don't agree with it. Perhaps its best that the wiki goes downhill anyway, it seems we have a dictatorship on the rise.

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  • Sir Areis Lionheart

    I don't understand it. Everywhere I go, I see people bitching and moaning about their lives, about shit they have to put up with. The wiki, and even outlets where we talk (like Skype) are nothing but hostile and close-minded anymore. To keep this strictly wiki-related, since my personal life is not of importance here, let me explain the reason why I backed out of the Skype chat, since I'm sure no one will care, but I'm gonna talk anyway.

    I log on, the FIRST FUCKING THING I SEE, is Meds doing his usual racist, sexual bullshit. Okay, whatever, he does this shit all the time. So I scroll down and see Bree and Urkel bullshitting about how terrible school is and how their teachers are assholes and won't let them do their thing. Then they (well, …

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  • Sir Areis Lionheart

    Since no one seems to understand the severity of the situation at hand with Griphonite, and instead decides to throw all kinds of rules that I 'broke' at me, I've decided that I'm done with it. You guys wanted me to stay out of it and sit like a good little boy and do nothing? Guess what, you got it, and now you get the pleasure of dealing with the spammer, and picking up the pieces of the mess he is gonna make, because I told you so, and all attempts I made to help you guys just got thrown right back at me with users bitching at me for what I'm doing, so you know what?

    Fuck it.

    I'm done, let Griph do his thing, and I'll be sitting here, ready to move back in once the shit is blown over and anyone who went against my apparent rule-bending/br…

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  • Sir Areis Lionheart

    A Dream...

    April 3, 2014 by Sir Areis Lionheart

    I've been sitting here, pondering what I want to do with my life...and I've come to a few conclusions. If I go back to school for game dev (which I'm planning to do anyway), I can very easily head out and start my own gaming company. I don't even need a building or an official corporation, trademark, whatever. The Indie game movement is huge, and its very easy for aspiring devs to start their own companies, even meet moderate success. My plan is to build two sister companies: Commander Games or Commander Games Studios, and a secondary, smaller one, Renegade Games or Renegade Industries, something of the like.

    Commander Games would be in charge of producing mainstream, original IPs that my own creativity and the creativity of my collective t…

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  • Sir Areis Lionheart


    I will be making a sequel to MutaOni, which is an RPG based upon SomeOrdinaryGamers. While the first one was based on the Twitch chat, this sequel will be based on the wiki. It's still in early planning stages, but I figured I'll start recrutiing bosses/NPCs.


    I will need you to post the following in THIS FORMAT.


    Dungeon Name

    Dungeon Style (Be it snow, desert, forest, whatever.)

    Dungeon Theme (As a link)

    Boss Theme (As a link)

    Battle Sprite (As a link, one with a FULL BODY IMAGE of what you want, it doesn't need to be concept art or isolated, if there are other things in the image, I can cut them out. THE SPRITE ITSELF MUST BE 100% VISIBLE!)

    Enemies (As links, MUST BE SFW (SAFE FOR WORK) …

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