Researchers of Creepy Black

This was a site I was on, among my first admin'd sites (I'm Dark Dragon, my GF is Dark Dragoness, we're still together)

It is the site I talk about that eventually just died... (There were only 11 members), all it was about was the legendary creepypasta Pokemon Creepy Black. (We called ourselves researchers...pfft. I hadn't even read a single creepypasta at this point. This was WAAY before then...)

Lol, if it is "technically" abandonware, have Mutahar and the SOG community take it over. Someone can go on darkSpyro, find the site owner (I believe it was a person named 'arceustheprime', but I was banned from there a loooong time ago and I really don't remember (cause the admin's a jackass).) If anything, we can utilize the site's forums, :/


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