Between my shitty Internet connection now that I'm out of college (where Internet ran at a healthy 1 Mb/s) and back home (Where I'm lucky if Internet runs at 62 Kb/s) and the fact that I'm working two jobs, along with my writing hobby, and my video game building hobby (the latter for fun, as well as preparation for my new college major in a couple of a video game programmer/developer), I have been unable to keep up with my administrative duties.

However, in addition to regaining interest, and the fact that I'm finding some time clear up in my schedule, I may become more active on here, even if not as efficient as I used to be. Oh, and you guys may here me go on and on about a certain lover named "Ruby".

No, I am NOT referring to fellow admin Pokemon v Ruby Girl, just...just no.

When I refer to Ruby, I refer to my dolphin mate, one of four mates I have INCLUDING my girlfriend.


~Rainbow Dash


~My lovely girlfriend <3

So if you don't like scalies/furries/zoophiles...or people with twisted senses of humor...then you can all just PISS OFF!

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