I will be making a sequel to MutaOni, which is an RPG based upon SomeOrdinaryGamers. While the first one was based on the Twitch chat, this sequel will be based on the wiki. It's still in early planning stages, but I figured I'll start recrutiing bosses/NPCs.


I will need you to post the following in THIS FORMAT.


Dungeon Name

Dungeon Style (Be it snow, desert, forest, whatever.)

Dungeon Theme (As a link)

Boss Theme (As a link)

Battle Sprite (As a link, one with a FULL BODY IMAGE of what you want, it doesn't need to be concept art or isolated, if there are other things in the image, I can cut them out. THE SPRITE ITSELF MUST BE 100% VISIBLE!)

Enemies (As links, MUST BE SFW (SAFE FOR WORK) so no pornographic or nude images for either the enemies or the boss! ALSO, I want both the name of the actual sprite, AND the name you want it to be called in your dungeon. MAXIMUM 3 ENEMIES PER USER,)

So for me, it would be:

Username: Sir Areis Lionheart

Dungeon Name: Castle of the Blood Knight

Dungeon Style: Castle

Dungeon Theme:  Kurt Theme

Boss Theme: Airport Escape

Battle Sprite: General Elliott

Enemies: Rune Knight (Blood Knight Guard)Black Knight (Blood Honour Guard) ,

Also...PLEASE TRY TO MAKE THE THEMES SUITABLE! For example, Boss Themes SHOULD SOUND LIKE BOSS THEMES, Battle themes SHOULD SOUND LIKE BATTLE THEMES. And 'overworld' themes ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT BE 'REAL' Music with lyrics, on account that random battle encounters ALWYAS RESET THE OVERWORLD MUSIC.

NOTE: POSTING DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT! It's a matter of how many positions can be filled, and not based on bias. So first-come-first serve.

NOTE: POSTS THAT DO NOT FIT THE SET TEMPLATE WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Or, if your battle sprite is obscured by something, the battle themes don't meet the stated requirements, it will be disregarded, and either you will be passed up, or a random sprite and/or theme will be chosen for you.

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