Since everyone else is doing this...I was thinking, "Well why the hell not?"

Anyway, if anyone gets a chance, if they wouldn't mind checking out my creepypastas:

  1. The Legend of Spyro: Cynder's Beginning (CYN) - Obviously, a gaming creepyasta about the Legend of Spyro series, in particular, a The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning hack. READER BEWARE: This was MY very first creepypasta, so it's very shitty. XD
  2. Pokemon OBSIDIAN Black - This is a unique Pokemon gaming creepypasta based around a hacked cartridge of Pokemon Black it was originally written to be kinda half-creepypasta and half-advertisement for my fanfiction series: The Terminators: Army of Legend. It was also the first of two of my creepypastas to make it to Mutahar's Haunted Gaming.
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Blood Knight's Retreat - This is my third and by far one of, if not my best, creepypastas. It's a gaming creepypasta about a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and despite the name, has next to zero cliches (if any at all). This is the second of my two creepypastas to make it to Mutahar's Haunted Gaming.
  4. The Storm - This is a VERY unique mindfuck creepypasta based around a certain television show (ain't gonna spoil it). It, like OBSIDIAN Black, has ties to my Terminators: Army of Legend fanfiction series, but isn't as directly reliant as the aforementioned Pokepasta. People who have read and reviewed it have said that it's a good mindfuck, and that it avoids cliches.
  5. The Soldier's Return - This is my fifth creepypasta. It's a nongaming creepypasta which, like Pokemon OBSIDIAN Black and The Storm, has connections to my Terminators: Army of Legend fanfiction series, but is not nearly as reliant as either one of the aforementioned creepypastas, and has little connection aside from the explosive introduction. Once more, readers and reviewers have said that it is a good mindfuck creepypasta and has little cliches.
  6. Call of Duty - Dark Secrets - My sixth creepypasta. It's a real creepypasta highlight several of the creepy little Easter eggs that ActiVision loves to hide in their multi-million dollar first person shooter franchise.
  7. R.E.M - My seventh (and so far final) creepypasta about a seriously fucked up dream I had a while back. Normally, I wouldn't post a dream as its own page, since we have the wonderful Nightmares & Dreamscapes thread, but this dream is a little too long for a I gave it a creepypasta page. It's mainly about me and my friends of the High Command (from my Terminators: Army of Legend fanfiction series, go figure) and how a dream went from being semi-decent to a complete nightmare. yeah, here's my two cents. Readers and reviewers would be much appreciated so...thanks.

I'm out.

Sir Areis Lionheart (talk) 08:58, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

Gonna start stamping the Terminator Eagle onto my Blogs as my Signature, lol.

Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Obsidian Black (CREEPYPASTA)-219:11

Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Obsidian Black (CREEPYPASTA)-2

Haunted Gaming - Pokemon OBSIDIAN Black (CREEPYPASTA)

Haunted Gaming - Blood Knight's Retreat (CREEPYPASTA)-123:01

Haunted Gaming - Blood Knight's Retreat (CREEPYPASTA)-1

Haunted Gaming - The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim - Blood Knight's Retreat (CREEPYPASTA)

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