Well, here's something new. A blog? What?!? But this is supposed to be for Creepypastas!

This is for all you new users out there.

See, SOG isn't just some big youtuber that's hungry for likes and subscribers, although it is appreciated. No, he's called that because we're just some ordinary gamers. That's it. It's not a "Bro Army," or some weird members of an "Audience." We're just some ordinary people playing games. It's a community where we give a guy some support "Mutahar" and we become active members in the SOG nation. He takes enjoyment out of being involved with us, and that says something about not only his personality, but about how he's loyal to explicitly doing something he enjoys and wants to share that with us, and us with him. We write short horror stories, and sure, he might critisize, but that's only because he wants to make sure you KNOW what you did wrong! Don't feel shot down because of it. And if you're not one of the few people who get actively involved with playing games with him (TF2, Hospice, livestreaming, etc.) you shouldn't hate him. Instead, show support for the people doing what they like to do, because they're not doing it for fame, or for money, or even to get girls (I think,) they do it because they're just some ordinary people, doing oridinary things, and playing some ordinary games. That's it. That's all there is to being a part of this. "So don't hate, appreciate!" Said that annoying middle-school girl.

And that's all I have to say.

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