Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a podcast and am looking for some real crtical feedback! The name is "Scare Your Friends" and the premise of the show is quite simple. My friends had never read creepypasta before and had their first taste live in the pilot episode - when we read Cosbydaf's "Normal Porn for Normal People". Come check out the podcast for hi-jinks, loose conversation, and a great time reading creepypasta! The epsisodes are listed below and please give me feedback! 

Ep. 1 - Normal Porn for Normal People:

Ep. 2 - Whimsywood:

Ep. 3 - NoEnd House:

Ep. 4 - Barbie.avi:

Ep. 5 - Squidward's Suicide:

Ep. 6 - Dead Bart:

Ep. 7: The Smiling Man & Dancing Down an Indian Hallway in Darkness

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