Because I don't know what to write about, I just want the badge. Uhhh... xD Well once during the middle of the night a treefrog got into the house when I let the dogs out. I'm just sitting on my bed minding my own business when I hear this massive thump on my wall. I look up and there's a frog. In my room. On my wall. I wasn't sure what to do because I was afraid my dogs would eat it. So I just left it there.

And then it was gone. I freaked out, then realized it was on top of the front door frame. And I decided to leave it there because what creature in its right mind would jump into a dark room containing 3 massive creatures, 2 of which would gladly ingest him?

Obviously treefrogs aren't that bright because I lay down and 10 minutes later, thump. .-. frsrs nao frg. So I turn on my light, freak out trying to find it, AND THEN IT'S BEHIND MY BED AFDUFHFFB NFG F

We didn't have any tupperware for some reason so obviously, shoe box! Slam it around the frog! Problem: Now I have a shoe box on the wall I can't move or the frog will jump out. Thinking I'll try to lid it I slide it down the wall until the frog unsticks and drops. And then I'm there crouched on the ground trying to figure out how to do this when I drop the box. ._. I managed to get it back around it before it moved but I think I got a leg. Oops.

Well somehow I got the cover on and then slammed the box against the front door because my "lid" was just a folder. And then I opened the door and quickly moved around and the frog went on to probably die somewhere in my front yard before it could make it home. And that is how Toodles was terrified of a tiny frog but too nice to just squash it. The end.

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