Snowball White

aka That One guy

  • I live in New Jersery
  • My occupation is Stuff
  • I am Boy
  • Snowball White

    I don't know where to start this story. A few days ago i out for a walk. meeting friends and getting out of the house for a bit. i decide to cut through the alleyway to get back to my house since it was getting dark. i stumble upon a game. it was called star wars Jedi knight 2 Jedi outcast for the PC. looking it contain a code a flash drive and the CD inside. Thought ran through my mind. “why is there a star wars game in an alleyway?” i shrug it off and walk back home. night time settles in. then a storm rolls into place. i locked doors and the windows and get on my laptop. I look at the game and examined it. looking at the flash drive leaving me puzzled and decide to check it out. upon open the folder there was save files on it, a text fi…

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