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  • I live in The good ol' US of A, baby.
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Just somebody with nothing much better to do, I suppose.
  • I am a Dude.
  • SomeTrollishGuy90

                                                          DISCLAIMER - This story is not finished and is still subject to change.

    The Internet is often one of the most active & efficient forms of communication that makes up a large part of the modern world today. As a result of its creation as far back as 1992, the world found itself connected between an invisible source of communication known back in the day as “The World-Wide Web”, which eventually was dubbed the Internet.

    While the internet has become a massive social network in itself, it’s also subject to many great mysteries that have presented themselves over the course of time—mysteries that often remain unsolved and are eventually lost inside the internet’s vast underbelly where they re…

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