For the last long while (5 months at least), a lot of things have happened with my relationship with this site. I noticed that I've become much less active, social and a lot less like me and I believe I should let the reason why that happened out.

It all started after I posted Dark Emotions. What people don't know is that there's a backstory to it: that was the tipping point of my decline in activity. It was a depressing story and I used the Dark series to cope with the looming problem I had. What was this problem, you may ask? The reason: that was when I began suffering from depression.

I lost my drive and because of that, my impact and relevance on the site began to sink as well. Watching that made me feel even worse so I thought trying to leave would help me feel better. That obviously didn't work, since I couldn't leave here for a single day. I didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't want anyone to worry. In turn, that made things worse and a couple attempts of suicide began, each of which failed and inspired another instalment into the Dark Series. It was a rough time, that's for sure.

Since the release of Darkest Regret, I've gotten much better. My dives into depression have become less frequent and my writing drought has ended. I'm feeling better and this summer, I'll be fully back into action. I thought I should let you all know why I haven't been myself this year.

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