Over the past few days, I've been feeling lost, exhausted and stressed. I've been helping set up a show I'm performing in all week and that takes up a lot of time and energy which explains my absence. I've been having personal problems regarding a once close friend of mine which is driving me insane and I have also been feeling unwanted by those around me, which is why I feel lost.

With all this said, it brings me to the big point of this post: I'm leaving indefinitely. With no time and the lack of mental capability to contribute anything, I began to question my presence on the site. How can I lead or do anything when I'm the weakest link? Thing is, I always have been since Day 1. Sure, I've gained some more wisdom and such but I'm no longer in a state of mind where I'm happy and loving life along with this Wiki. I'm back to the stage where I'm nervous about going on Chat and I dread making any contribution in a constant fear I'll do something wrong.

I hate the feeling I have right now and I don't think I can go on much longer. I'll probably visit from time to time so don't mark me as a Dead User. Consider this passing the torch to those who are much more capable and willing to lead. This could also just be a phase and I may return in the close future but for the time being, I'm packing my bags in an attempt to move on. If it's a phase, I hope it'll go away soon. If it doesn't, however, I'm afraid that this may be goodbye. I'll update my look on things onto a blog or something soon to let you all know what's going on. Until well, my friends.

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