Everyday for the past 5 months have been the same for me; get up, go to school on weekdays, come back and visit the SOG Wiki. It's been a major part in my life since I became a frequent contributor among other things. However, since the New Year began, something has felt different. When I log in, the excitement I always feel isn't there. When I see a new pasta, it doesn't inspire me to work on a new story of my own. When I see a new user make an edit, I'm close to not sending them the usual NUA mesage, as I know it will more than likely be ignored.

The point of this blog is for me to face the facts; the magic isn't there for me anymore. I'm losing momentum and it's a feeling I despise. It especially hurts me now, as the Wiki is gaining more members and more pages of quality content is being produced since mid-November. I'm happy for everyone and all, but it's not of the same magnitude. I've been becoming more and more inactive, barely feeling up to doing a single edit each day. I don't even want to visit the Chat anymore. If all of the friends I made here are in the Chat Room, I don't want to join them. There isn't even a reason for this thinking or series of actions, it just happens by itself.

This isn't a way for me to get more attention as an author or person, nor is it something anyone else should be concerned about. I'm sure that eventually I'll get the warm and fuzzy feeling back, but for the time being, it's gone. For that reason, I'm ceasing my story projects, along with large reviews and major edits. However, I'll continue to send out NUA messages, as the new user community is still important to me. I'll keep a minimum of 1 edit a day and I will try my best to join Chat. That being said, I don't plan on abandoning the site and leaving for good; I'm just going to lay low and do little edits here and there until my motivation to be a main user, contributor and CP writer again.

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