I’d first like to congratulate all of our contestants for a great effort! All of the stories were well done and entertaining to read yet one stood out from the rest. The official winner of the first Mindfuck Competition is…The Battle of Flight by Mr. 1up-Mushroom!

As the winner, you are allowed to take on the Final Round Challenge if you wish. However, here are some rules you can make alterations to:

-Head to Head or multiple people (ie, the rest of the contestants can join the challenge)

-Genre of story (Haunted Gaming, Mindfuck, Sadpasta, etc.)

The rest of the rules still apply. You’ll have 48 hours to read the rest of the rules (posted on the contest page) and choose to accept or decline the challenge.

This contest was a huge success and I want to thank everyone who participated and wrote a story for it, as they were unique and refreshing to read. Thank you to the judges who volunteered to do this, I couldn’t have done a lot without you. Make sure to congratulate our winner and give their entry a read. See you all around!

-Cameron (Sshakenbakee)

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