I've been thinking a lot recently about the future of the site. Though I'm not an admin or chat mod, I feel as though I have a responsibly to care for the Wiki and do what I can to help it grow.

Lately, I've been seeing quite a few new writers signing on, writing and posting pastas for the site. However, majority of them aren't to the level of quality the Wiki is looking for. With that in mind, I thought of this question; why don't we have a specific user who knows the works of the site help these newcomers and budding writers reach their full potential?

There are many candidates out there (Forza, Marcus, Dusty and Flaky come to mind). However, I believe that I should be the one to help these new writers grow and become the best they can be. I have legit reasons as well; it's not just because I thought of this idea so I should be the one to do it. There's more to that. I believe I should be the user because I'm active everyday, I'm an experienced user and I can relate to them a lot; I too was a new guy, with no sense of belonging and of what to do. I too knew no one and had to work my way blindly through the site. I too posted a bad Creepypasta that got torn apart and deleted. I see myself when I look at the pastas and profiles of these new users, so I want to be there when they need help editing a pasta or navigating through the site.

If the Wiki is dying, then the newcomers are even more important, as they are our future. We need more writers on the site and if we have more writers, we'll have more stories. If we have more stories, that will attract other people to join outer team. Some users may post mediocre pastas at first, but I know that they can make great content if given the proper guidance and advice. Something that I'm willing to give.

These are all opinions, of course. Feel free to say what you think of this matter in the comments below. Perhaps you have a different and better way of helping the site than I do, I'd love to hear about it.

-Sshakenbakee (Cameron S.)

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