Howdy guys, Sshakenbakee here. I've been working in a few pasta ideas and I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the prototype ideas. Here we go;

1. 'STH.exe' was my first pasta that was poorly written. I'm wanting to rework it into the pasta it should've been. It's a prequel to 'Sonic.exe', following how Sonic became the evil tyrant he was. Kyle finds the file on the Internet and plays it, not knowing the evil it contains.

2. 'Minds of Paranoia' is a mindfuck pasta following a father and daughter going through tough times. After being divorced by his wife, Keith loses everything he held dear, including the custody of his 15 year old daughter Mira. Keith seems to slowly go mad after he finds something at his workplace. The following weekend, Mira visits her father and sees him slowly lose his mind. As the days go on, she begins to look for clues on why her father has lost his sanity and finds some horrific secrets.

3. 'The Game Box' is a three part series that stars a group of friends mourning the loss of their friend after he committed suicide. He left them a box full of games they played together every time they hung out and a Nintendo 64 console. To honour their friend's life, the four friends play the games he left them. Little do they know, there are a few dark secrets lurking in the games. Something that wants them dead. Is this the reason Graham Bucking ended his life?

So there you have it. Please leave your opinions in the comment section below on what you'd like to change or praise. I look forward to finishing these and seeing what you guys think. Thanks for your time and keep writing!


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