Lately, there has been one user that's doing a lot of work for the site. There is one user that since his return, he's been making contribution after contribution. Maybe you've heard of this particular user: his name is RepublicofE.

Watching him do so much is astonishing, seeing him correcting mistakes made on any page editing-wise. It's makes me wonder how he hasn't become an Administrator yet. This is where the title of this blog comes into play: I propose my resignation as Admin in order to make room for Republic, who has (in my opinion) earned and deserves the title. To me, it only seems fair for me to step down in order to give someone the opportunity they deserve. In this example, Ethan (Republic) has made more valid contributions in a single day than I have since becoming Admin. He has also become an NUA and with his record, he'll be the one always greeting new members before I see them, as I'm incredibly busy all week this week.

I'd still be contributing to the site and such but I think that Ethan has earned the title of Admin more than I, which is why I'm proposing this shift of power. In my head, being demoted to Chat Mod in order to give him more and better opportunities on the site wouldn't be so bad. After all, it would be for the greater good.

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