Since my groove is back and I've been more inspired lately, I have some exciting announcements to share:

1. I will be very active this summer. Starting next week, I'll be on everyday and doing what I did last summer: posting stories and helping out around the site.

2. More stories will be posted. With a few of my ideas almost complete, I will be able to post a few stories this summer to pick up my slack. Look out for those if you want.

3. Tomorrow is the day my YouTube channel officially kicks up. I now have all the equipment I need and I'll be posting Let's Play videos with witty commentary from yours truly, along with special challenges for every game I do. With some guest YouTube personalities joining me for a few videos, this will be an exciting time. My YouTube name is the same as the one here: Sshakenbakee

That's all for this blog. Very short but hopefully this interests you. See you all around!

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