Hello there! I used to be on this wikia often, but stuff like school can get in the way of that... but I'm not dead/done writing! And as I'm doing the finishing touches on my story, I thought I might share a sneek preview of it. It might be changed in the future, but I doubt it. Anyway, here you go:

 A gentle breeze hit Rob Cultus’ shoulder. Late again…, he thought to himself, annoyed. He’d been trying to keep his schedule neat and tidy to get a promotion for his job at Kheiser Business Firm. Hastily, he jumped out of bed and put some clothes on, uncaring of how “nice” he looked. He got in his car and drove to work. Unfortunately for him, traffic would not be his friend today.

 Damn! I thought I could’ve at least got there by 8, he thought, when an idea arose. He knew how reckless this was, and how he probably be fined for it, Rob sped through traffic illegally. Though it pains him, it will, hopefully, pay off in the long run.

 And, lucky enough, Rob was able to meet his goal of 8 A.M. . He was then confronted by his boss, Mr. Gable, obviously angered by his tardiness. Rob apologized and went to his work station, which was next to his two best friends, Bob and Renee.

“Late again, I see?” Bob remarked with a smirk on his goody two-shoes face.

“Hey! I’ve been trying to be better with whole “on-time” thing, and you’re not being very supportive about this,” Rob replied.

“Hmph, whatever,” Bob said, and sunk back into his chair, eyes glued to the computer.

“So, everything’s good with you, Renee,” Rob said softly. Renee wasn’t exactly the outgoing type of person like Bob and he were.

“Yeah… fine,” Renee whimpered.

“Well that’s good to hear. But what’s not good to hear is what’s happening on the news,” Rob said, trying to get a conversation started.

“Oh, that? I can’t believe the government thinks they get away with those types of things. You know what I’d do? I’d, I’d… ,” Bob immediately ranted.

“Y-yeah, those poor people, given death for something simple as… ,” Renee stopped. Rob could tell she didn’t want to talk about this, so he tried to start a different conversation.

“So, either of you going to the office party next Saturday?” Rob asked.

“I-I hadn’t planned to, no. Are you going, Rob?” Renee asked.

“Not sure yet. How about you Bob? Bob?” he asked Bob, but to no reply.

“Huh? What? Sorry, I’m trying to work,” Bob said, obviously taunting both of them. But they didn’t give into his empty threats.

 Everyone by this point sunk back into their chairs, with the “bangs” on the keyboard and “clicks” on the mouse becoming the only form of noise. Rob tries to work, but his mind dozes off about the meeting today. Need 3…

“Cultus!! Why are you sleeping in my office?!” Mr. Gable yelled in his ear, causing him to raise my head up.

“You were late to work, and even when you are at work, you’re not even working?! That’s it! Get out of my sight, Mr. Cultus, you’re fired!” His face was a boiling red and his hand was pointing out the door. Rob got his things and made his way out, head ducked in shame.

But that left Rob with one question. Where to now?


And that's where I'll end it to avoid spoiling the whole story for you. Truthfully, this is the longest story I've written yet, which is why I've been nervous to release it, thinking I might make a mistake that'll ruin the story alltogether. The full story will hopefully be released around April. I make no promises on the release date of this story, though. 

~The End

Steel Will Return! 02:16, March 21, 2015 (UTC)

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