Okay, where do I begin? Well first off let me lay down the topic at hand here:

So, most of you know of the SOG Staff Meetings that happen every week or so? Yeah, so while I was watching the chats and admins talk amongst each other, I had an urge to give my input on the matter, but as I look at the very first meeting, and I quote:

"weekly meetings between the Admins and Chat Moderators..."

So I know that this is only meant for STAFF members, but I still wanted to have a say. So, I thought and thought until I had a simple proposal in mind, to let trusted users of the wiki able to give input. Now for the all important question:


Well, for the reasons I had stated above, so people like me can give input on the topics in the Staff Meetings. I know this may seem pretty pointless to you, but y'know, "I HAZ IDEAUHS TU!!".

As for how to be a trusted enough member of the wiki, here's how I'd go around doing this:

  Option 1 - Admin/Mod Approval. Simple enough.

  Option 2 - Contributions, as in edits. For example, 500 edits.

Well, I think that's all I have to say regarding this topic, as for any of you people reading, feel free to comment about this below. (Actually, I'm starting to think you can comment on the Staff Meetings and this was all pointless,  so let me know also if I'm just being plain stupid as well.)

And... Bye!

Question-mark Steel Does A Random Blog, Random Blog… 05:41, August 23, 2014 (UTC)

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