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    The place has long been abandoned. You can feel it under every crunch of dead leaves and the rustle of the birds far above in the sky.

    Supposedly, it was a private island, once - a place full of magic and wonder, where the beautiful people lived their lives in splendor.

    Now, it's just another place full of garbage to scavenge. Your eyes and flashlight dart from tent to tent in tandem; some having been thrown together long ago, in the glory days of the island. Others, built to house people squatting amongst the squalor - all, now empty.

    A flash of worn hardwood catches your eye - something valuable perhaps. Letting yourself into the decaying tent, you nearly trip over some mud or slurry that must have fallen from a recent rain, just pooling in…

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  • Stormlilly


    September 13, 2015 by Stormlilly

    As I'm sure you now, even dead flowers don't truly die - they simply return to the soil, to be born, and born again!

    I certainly can't say I'm 'back' because if anything I work more now then I did the last blog post I made. But it's far to better to post occasionally and put that pious Stormlilly fear back into all of you, then to languish on my lonesome. I may also have been tempted back by a nostalgia for tricks, treats, thrills, and spills of blood - but who can rightfully say?

    What I can say is that it's quite good to see all of you again.

    As for gaming, I'd highly recommend Spooky's House of Jump Scares if you haven't played it - I haven't been so pleasantly surprised by a free game for some time. Other than that, I dare say I've been ga…

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    First, I'd like to start with what I will also be closing with - my sincere, heartfelt thanks.

    I don't think it's a big secret that I work pretty much most of the week - so much so that I lose track of time, and what's important, and what I want in the world. Writing is something that I do primarily for myself, even though I get a visceral thrill out of being able to share my work with those I know - and not for pay, but because people are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about it. But because I tend to put my work first, I've gone more then a few times where I simply forget - or can't find the energy - to check in on this place, tired out as I am.

    But with such amazing stories in the running, even though I'd put the whole thing out of …

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  • Stormlilly

    Quick Question

    June 21, 2014 by Stormlilly

    To someone more skilled at wikia then myself -

    Is there a way to get more results from the recent activity page? I've noticed that sometimes it'll let me go farther then a day or so back, and other times it'll only go a day - or even half-a-day! - back. Oddly, my 'followed' pages aren't effected, but given that I want to try to catch up for lost time and the days I can't make it on, I'd love being able to reliably go back to however many days I miss, whether it's one or a few.  If anyone knows a convenient way to do so, please let me know! Thanks!

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    Hello, all!

    I'd appreciate some feedback from you all; I have two blog-based creepypastas:

    Your Shoulder Itches

    The Party

    And both are on-site and exclusive. I'm rather fond of them, and finally decided to add them to the main list. They *are* creepypastas, and they *are* exclusive to SoG; but they are also composed of interlocked blue-text entries. Do they work like this, or do I need to remove them from the list?

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