Is time so cruel

As to drown out the lights

We lost in our eyes?

Don't ask who I am, I have no name -

But you can call me Stormlilly if it's all the same.

Writing bad fiction and keeping up with the times

Being way too verbose is just another one of my crimes!

As I checked a site I adore a strange notice came to my eyes;

(Dull confusion, bitter surprise): More bannings, more hammers

When will this madness cease?

The last thing this world needs is more police!

Not that I disagree with your methods, of course;

Or the results, which I'll go so far to endorse.

But as if I care for methods or reasons or ratio of success

I'll manufacture a conflict of words so that we can digress

And in the waking hours a reply I'll hope you compress

Though you have no hope of overcoming me, of this I confess;

A mere moment in the clatter of keys which so impress

Those who are lost in the soft glow of monitors,

A warm hearth and burning soul built only for the modern age;

The cradle of the soul, and the nourishment of the mind.

But they are grown now.

They cannot stay in that cradled, forever.

So yes, ban them all.

I'll watch from the shadows