But you get the general idea.

When you wake up, you find yourself on a comfortable couch in the midst of a - no way!

This is definitely, no-doubts-about-it... A real UFO!

A somewhat exhausted looking man with a prounounced widow's peak is staring a bit past you. He coughs as you get up.

"Excuse me. Have you seen a girl... Short, black hair? She'd be about seven years old - "

"Daaaad! I'm dying it blond now! And I'm hardly seven!"

"Sorry, Cheryl. Old habits die hard. You'll have to forgive me - it's been one of those days."

The man sighs, and smiles sheepishly - cricking his neck from side to side. The young woman, perhaps in her late teens, flashes you a devil-may-care smile and points to the viewscreen.

"We picked you up over the ruins of some sort of nightmarish dungeon. It's pretty weird how common those things are. Anyway, dad thought we'd just drop you back at your home on our way to this neat little resteraunt at the end of the universe - "

You're about to interrupt with how silly the plot seems to have gotten, when something flashes into the viewscreen.

You fool! The voice of the freak from before intones, somehow boring into your brain. Or maybe that's BORING, amirite? You thought you could escape me that easily? I'll turn your ship into so much scrap metal for my *garden* to digest!' You know nothing of the ways of the world!

"Maybe." You say, nodding to no one in particular. "Maybe... But there's one thing you don't know, nameless freak. And that's that our ship... Is dragging mines."

What the hey? No, you aren't!"

"Sorry, just thought that sounded cool. Can we, like, fry this sucker from orbit?"

You do so, to the panicky reactions of the thing on the viewscreen. Then, with a round of laughter and an classy freeze-frame, you think to yourself - maybe you'll just explore the cosmos for a little while. Reality can wait until another day!..



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