Pleasant evening, all!

I always feel mildly bemused that I'm either on at lunch - where I feel torn between eating lunch (low priority), working (high priority), and talking with everyone here (also high priority). Usually this results in me trying to do all three and failing (highest priority, best triage). Then, when I arrive at evening, everyone in my timezone/region of zones is usually asleep, where most outside it are probably at work... Or on their lunch break.

But it occurred to me as I was talking about a story I wrote, and given how varied the taste in games among us all is, I might have an interesting little 'game' of my own to invite people on. A way of getting some at-leisure conversation even if my hours are somewhat peculiar! The idea is this:

If you could create a game based entirely around survival, what would it be?

Feel free to be creative and descriptive (or brusque) as you like.

Think of what genre (4x? Simulation? Top-down shooter? Side-scroller?) or elements it might comprise of, what challenges might be faced and the like. All I ask is a relatively civil discussion in regards to the ideas of others, and if this little game takes off, I'll probably throw a new one up every week or so!

With that out of the way, it's too bright outside so I'll probably try to get some sleep. That feels as wrong to think as it does to type, hah!