You know me, I just love to return from a long absence with my feet parachuting onto the ground, just in time for Victory Day. And since you may guess how much I love endless displays of tanks and the like I've decided... To write another Choose-your-own-Adventure? Well, I know the last one was rather droll, but I do think you'll like this one more, folks! That being said, it's more in the vein of a classical weird tale, so some grimness might very well be expected.

As per usual, I've got it entirely via blog, as I'm still unsure as to whether stories like this should go in the list. Consider it a 'thanks' for putting up with my absence. And yes - I will get around to that. Eventually. Maybe. Blargh.

I'll be indisposed for most of today at least, but at least you know why. Until later, then!

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