Y'all are quite crazy, but I'm thankful all the same!

It's a lot of obligation however, and I'd like to run some things by the pre-existing admins, so that I can better serve in my new role.

A) I am likely only going to be on rarely in the weekdays, and mostly at the tale end of the weekend. I am apparently cursed with the mindset of the workaholic.

B) Do the newfound roles vested in me allow for me to began my project for a category overhaul, if such an overhaul is not done? I'll certainly welcome assistance, but I honestly think I can get it done myself if I set my mind to it - and I feel it would make us that much more user-friendly + efficient!

C) Thank you all for the welcome back. My apologies for the absence. Let's make up for it with an endless summer!... Or preferably an endless autumn, autumn is the best season.

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