You are about to embark upon a classical choose-your-own-adventure, with influences from mystery novels and weird fiction of a prior age. During this adventure, you will have to choose how you spend your time, and this may result in circumstances that lead to differing conclusions at the end of the party. If at any time you meet an unfortunate end, you may use the powers of technology to rewind time and began your journey anew, or from the most previously encountered branch.

The Party is set to take place over the course of one night, with the guest leaving the next morning. In that course of time, you will have to find out what – if any – mysterious behavior is haunting the isolated estate, and perhaps attempt to combat it.

During your adventure, you may find it handy to keep scratch paper, your beverage of choice, and your wits about you. Be vigilant and cautious, and perhaps you will make it out alive, and having solved the mysteries that await you... At the Party. When you are ready, you will find a black automobile, unmarked and unlicensed, waiting for you. Be wary – for when you take it, there will be no going back.

You prepare to take the commisioned car to the Host's Estate...

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