The trademark whistle of smallarm fire greets you as you trail behind the Reporter – who has made her way to a small indoor-firing range. Nestling a revolver with surprising skill, she is littering a target with tiny, pinprick holes – looking focused all the while.

Eh. Didn't see you there.”


It's weird, isn't it? Would you believe I came here because I was pretty sure that... Fella was planning on doing something pretty dangerous if I didn't?”

Crack crack crack.

Guys like him are a dime a dozen, and if you scoop around in the muck long enough, you make enemies with them. And sometimes you've got to be friends with those enemies... What a horrible world.”


The clatter of the cylinder as it spins to the side is punctuated by her turn towards you.

You aren't connected with any of this, are you?.. Don't worry. I have no interest in telling anyone else. I imagine you and I are the least seedy people here, and that's saying something. As such – well, I'm not asking you to trust me, but I'l try to share what I find if you share what you find.”

Nodding you decide to give you try at the range – but are interupted by a cloud of smoke more pungent then any gunfire.

Oh, shooting? How droll.” The Aristocrat murmurs amusedly, walking in with a tin case clutched firmly in her left hand.


The Reporter's response is quick and venemous, now that none of you have to act formal. Her eyes shine with barely concealed dislike.

Whoa, easy there! I simply heard such awful noise coming from – the conservatory, I think it was? - that I came here instead. One cannot sleep when brutes like the Major are mucking about with plants. Shooting though... Do you hunt?”

Surprised, the Reporter lets down her guard.

No, not really. I mean, growing up a bit, but - “

I've always found the crossbow to be more elegant then any small arm save the rifle. You muts hunt a tiger at least once in your life – you must.”

The Aristocrat licks her lips, lost in memory.

When you have killed such a beast yourself – with your own tools – that is when you realize the strengths and limitations of the human mind.”

Laughing nervously, the Reporter shoots you a look and engages the Aristocrat in small conversation; giving you a chance to leave.

So, the Major is in the Conservatory... You:

Head to the Conservatory to investigate the sounds.

Decide to head up to the Library, perhaps read something.

Go to the Kitchen.

Return to the Foyer.

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