The library is empty as you ascend into it. You were sure the Financier had been here earlier, and yet there is no trace of anyone, anyone at all. A strange feeling of uncertainy comes over you – only exasperated by the staleness of the air.

Unwilling to leave so soon, you take a look at the desk and quickly flip through the letter most obviously, and most recently, opened.


Shipments must proceed as planned. If they do not, you will be in immediate and present danger. Though I cannot elaborate at this time, there is a vital importance to the objects I have purchased from the C. L. Shipment; it is imperative that they arrive rapidly and in good condition. If they do not, I will consider it a betrayal of your duty and a betrayal of me.

We have discussed -

The letter fades off, though there are shaky stains that might have been an attempt to resume it splotched around the paper.

They are unreadable.

From downstairs, a soft, melodic singing begans to drift up – a soft and melodic singing punctuated with strange, unnatural howls.


Investigate the Singer.

Decide to head for the Conservatory.

Head to the Dining Room.

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