• SuiGeneris9108

    Who in the right mind would spam a website with a large number of admins, a YouTube channel, and one that has a large amount of activity? It just ruins it for the rest of us, because I create my pasta just for this wiki to learn that it got locked down, Mutahar doesn't need this, the admins don't need this, the authors don't need this. The readers are not really affected, if thats all they do, but those like me, who want to get out there and noticed, have to suffer for someboy's imaturity and stupidity, I do know this is the internet, and that these kinds of people exist, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, at all. So all you wannabe trolls, spammers, vandals, please do us a favor and leave, now. We don't have the time for your petty …

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