Prologue( from the Perspective of Oliver)

I walk through the short tunnel, feeling somewhat uneasy for some reason, and arrived at a steel fence gate. To the right of the gate, a large man wearing a wolf skin begins to approach me. He tosses me a biker's helmet at me and sneers,"You'll need it, kid."

I pass it back and, with a grin, I respond,"Please, I want it to be a fair fight;my opponent needs the handicap, right?"

"Plus I wouldn't want to mess my amazing hair and lose my Scally cap, now would I?" I flick my blond spiky hair and adjust my cap as I said this. The man raised his eye brow and said in an amused and nervous tone,"Alright then, but remember:your the first to enter the arena per-crippled."

I stiffen my left arm at this, and glared at him with my right eye. Hiding my annoyance, then  I breathed out,"Got it..."

Suddenly, the gate opens up in a dramatic fashion. The man guesters me to enter. After a few deep breaths, I enter the arena with my chin up. I know I may not leave alive. No should miss me, I thought to myself. Little did I know, something-no-someone was... "helping" me...

Thank you for reading the prologue to GrimStone:First Encounters. Please remember, this is not actually a creepypasta, but a novel that I have written! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this. If you'd like the rest of the chapters posted, have some notes, general feedback, feel free to drop a comment.


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