The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

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Banned From Chat
  • I live in Somewhere unreachable.
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is I make the magic happen baby.
  • I am Would you like to know eh?
  • The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

    Like the semen hitting the breasts of the voluptuous porn actress, my release of a voice message* directed towards 2 users marked the end, the end of my stay at the SOG Skype chat, which was more of a hangout between users that have known each other for long enough to warrant a skype chat, really.

    • Voice message can be heard here

    Drama like any infection, it spreads, leaving a trail of pus that leaves everyone else cringing at the sight of your heavily infected toe, in this case was my flimsy relationship with Synful "I Think, Then I Bitch" blood , Cyber "3 Reichs And You're Out" The Nerd (Also known as Jared) and Sir Areis "Like A Fish In The Water" Lionheart (Also Known as Alex). Now lets drop the classy ac…

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  • The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

    You happy now? You happy now everyone? I'm leaving, Just right after my 1 week ban dropped, I tried to act all cool and nice at the chat, and guess what, I had cyber freak out on me, because he thought i was freaking out myself (I was just explaining the meaning of my long username) then I had Syn "charming" Ful take a few potshots at me with his "witty" posts, I tried to get a screencap but I was kicked, why? because i called him a mother fucker, yes, I did, why? because I am tired, of being public enemy number 1, long before, I was liked, generally speaking, I never had no problems, I was even a chat mod, and i helped around, made decitions, made things happen, but then in a blink, look at me now! My opinions dont matter, I am always kep…

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  • The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

    My last post was just a huge rant gone hardcore, but this time I will be more tactful and will give my arguments regarding this situation:

    First up, Areis has backed up, basically he has left the building, because he could not take the heat, poor Areis tried to play it like a superhero with his stupid alternate account vigilante style, and since that was uncovered he thinks its all a lost cause, poor areis wanted to be a batman and ended up realizing that people don't take kindly to these kind of shit, this is what I'm talking about, just like a little kid:

    And that brings me to my last argument, It is like we have children trying to keep the peace, in a place that was in peace, until we had these people who are clearly unpreparted to be mod…

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  • The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

    Blog under construction 

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  • The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0

    Touch yourself, fool, touch yourself again, sex machine. - Meds

    Life is like having an IPOD, you have it, but the songs, you have to get them yourself. - Meds

    HAH- Meds

    Life sucks, but if It doesn't hurt when you take it up the butt, then you passed the test - Meds

    A chair with a broken leg will get farther than a liar. - Meds

    The question is not what will you do for everyone, the question is what will you do for yourself. - Meds

    Yeah baby, I'm totally British...NOT - Meds

    Life is like a controler, you press a button, something happens, you put it on the table nothing happens, and you will lose the game. - Meds

    Dancing next to a expensive sports car in a music video will get you so far in real life. - Meds

    Your life will never be harder than the ne…

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