Love him or hate him, you gotta give it to him that he is one MEAN motherhumper;


-walks in and everyone cheers-

Thank you, thank you, I SAID THANK YOU!!

-Silence- time to get real around here, WHATS UP WITH EVERYONE LATELY, it seems like this wiki has been abandoned by the owner the infamous M, and only comes back to fish out the creepy of the month if THAT EVEN HAPPENS.

-Everyone cheers-

AND THOSE ADMINS, ya know, the ones that never show up, WHAT ABOUT EM? WHAT-ABOUT-EM

-Everyone cheers-

It seems that these so called "admins" or "regulators" or whatever, have left the wiki on the hands of a handful of people WHO AT to spend some time on the wiki, AM I RIGHT?

-Everyone applauds-

NOW NOW, dont get me wrong, this aint like the "CREEPYPASTA WIKI" that place is so overcrowded and so full of admins that cant see a clown on a bicicle, that is basically the Detroit of all wikis.

-Everyone laughs-

In this wiki we dont got the problems they got there! BUT WE DO HAVE A PROBLEM...its come to my concern that a couple of the chat regulators in this wiki, are...not the worst, but they kind of throw more boots than a shoemaker with rage problems during a home dispute if you know what i mean?

-Everyone laughs-

And that aint even touching the tip of the iceberg fellas OH NO, WE GOT A LONG WAY DOWN, but before we do that COMERCIAL BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE.

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