You happy now? You happy now everyone? I'm leaving, Just right after my 1 week ban dropped, I tried to act all cool and nice at the chat, and guess what, I had cyber freak out on me, because he thought i was freaking out myself (I was just explaining the meaning of my long username) then I had Syn "charming" Ful take a few potshots at me with his "witty" posts, I tried to get a screencap but I was kicked, why? because i called him a mother fucker, yes, I did, why? because I am tired, of being public enemy number 1, long before, I was liked, generally speaking, I never had no problems, I was even a chat mod, and i helped around, made decitions, made things happen, but then in a blink, look at me now! My opinions dont matter, I am always kept down by people of power, I am not trusted, I an vivilfied, and that Synful guy, is the most offensive user in this wiki, and he became a chat mod!! why? No fucking idea, all i know is that he is offensive, the time I tried to PM him to fix our differences, he ignored me and just kept dissmising me arguments.

I always try to turn the other cheek and take things not so seriously for the sake of keeping the peace, but now i have come to a point where I take no more, so I'm leaving this wiki, will I ever come back? Maybe, depending on what happens.

I made fanfics, I made draws of my friends on this wiki, I tried my best to keep the smiles up in this frikin bitch, I loved this place, but now I can't stand this fucking place.

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