Touch yourself, fool, touch yourself again, sex machine. - Meds

Life is like having an IPOD, you have it, but the songs, you have to get them yourself. - Meds

HAH- Meds

Life sucks, but if It doesn't hurt when you take it up the butt, then you passed the test - Meds

A chair with a broken leg will get farther than a liar. - Meds

The question is not what will you do for everyone, the question is what will you do for yourself. - Meds

Yeah baby, I'm totally British...NOT - Meds

Life is like a controler, you press a button, something happens, you put it on the table nothing happens, and you will lose the game. - Meds

Dancing next to a expensive sports car in a music video will get you so far in real life. - Meds

Your life will never be harder than the next guy's. - Meds

The engines are under stress!. - Meds

We are all flaming transexuals. - Meds

Swag will get you 2 things, a job and subsequently a spot in a queue full of unenployed scrubs. - Meds

Fuck you Santa Claus. - Meds

There is no way of the Ninja, only the way of the one who wants to remain unseen. - Meds

The real enemy is the one that tries to live for another day. - Meds

You don't have to chew one gum at a time. - Meds

Totally fake. - Meds

Wizards are slightly overrated, for all they do in movies they rather be our janitors. - Meds

A dinosaur is less scary than a car about to run you over. - Meds

Black is the color of the ones who have a taste in clothes without having one. - Meds

Buy a condom and you will be able to buy a playstation 4. - Meds

2 chairs make the bed of the desperate man. - Meds

Full blown Aids is as possible as godzilla being not real. - Meds

Not even Bill Gates would hate that much on an apple. - Meds

Take 1 pill and call me up in the morning. - Meds

For now I will just say yes. - Meds

Homeless Fuck!. - Meds

Cut yourself once, you are human, cut yourself twice, a desperate human, cut yourself again, a hopeful human, cut yourself all the time, you are as bad as a Belieber. - Meds

Drink on me and you will be drinking on a lifesaver. - Meds

Oh my god Becky. - Meds

Everything needs a cook up. - Meds

Medicines are like flowers they just make the valey of the shadow of death look pretty. - Meds

Fever is your body going emo. - Meds

Feed a cat gasoline and it will die, feed your car gasoline and it will live another day before it breaks down- Meds

Woodtastic. - Meds

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