My last post was just a huge rant gone hardcore, but this time I will be more tactful and will give my arguments regarding this situation:

First up, Areis has backed up, basically he has left the building, because he could not take the heat, poor Areis tried to play it like a superhero with his stupid alternate account vigilante style, and since that was uncovered he thinks its all a lost cause, poor areis wanted to be a batman and ended up realizing that people don't take kindly to these kind of shit, this is what I'm talking about, just like a little kid:

And that brings me to my last argument, It is like we have children trying to keep the peace, in a place that was in peace, until we had these people who are clearly unpreparted to be mods and admins be overly sensitive and overzealous about their new status. I have heard that this whole hacking shizz started because someone decided that the best course of action was kicking indiscriminately without trying to find out the source of the problem, there is not discussion, If you don't behave correctly you are kicked right away without trying to find out the cause of the problem.

And guess what, I am not here to take your shit, you don't like me? Fine, I do try to my best to keep my cool, but when I get mad, I get mad, and If you do not like someone's attitude, tough shit, being a chat mod or admin means that you are going to listen to complains, Instead of licking butt like an asshole, and kicking when someone does something "meany"

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