So recently I've been working on a JS filter for the chat.
But, with chat not working, I'm removing it, just in case that's causing the problems.

String.prototype.repeat = function(num){
return new Array(num + 1).join(this);

var filter = ['swag', 'yolo'];

$('body').html(function(i, txt){

// iterate over all words
for(var i=0; i<filter.length; i++){

// Create a regular expression and make it global
var pattern = new RegExp('\\b' + filter[i] + '\\b', 'g');

// Create a new string filled with '*'
var replacement = '*'.repeat(filter[i].length);

txt = txt.replace(pattern, replacement);

// returning txt will set the new text value for the current element
return txt;


EDIT: After extensive testing on an unused wiki, I have found no evidence to suggest that this filter was the cause of any chat related problems. Therefore, it is only reasonable to assume the two incidents were unrelated.

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