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    School: Month One

    September 19, 2015 by UltimateLuck0

    It's almost the end of September and almost the start of October (get ready for so much sp00kyness). So far the school year is going a lot better than last year, because my grades aren't as shitty as last year.

    As long as I'm doing decent at school, I tend to think less about schoolwork and think more of trying getting a better social life. Don't get me wrong I love the friends I have, but I want to make some acquaintances as well. Since this was just the first month of school, its going to be boring and won't get interesting until October.

    I really want it to be winter though. Winter always has been my favorite season. I just prefer the cold more than the warmth. If that doesn't tell you guys (and girls) that I'm weird, I don't know what wi…

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