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  • Urkelbot666

    Hello all!

    Last year around this time, I started up a little Halloween writing contest which involved having writing subjects chosen at random from a list including sp00ky stuff and stupid stuff. You can check it out in detail Here.

    I'm just writing a little blog post to see if there would be any interest in entering if I held the contest again this year. I'd be happy to run the contest again if there are enough people willing to enter. 

    So let me know if you would consider entering such a contest, and I'll think about starting it up in the next week or so :)

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  • Urkelbot666

    Slacking off

    May 3, 2016 by Urkelbot666

    Hello SOGgers,

     I just wanted to apologize for my recent inactivity and my neglecting of Wiki duties. I've been letting myself get busy with other stuffs, and have strayed away from this site in recent weeks, thus living up once again to my coveted Worst Admin title.

    I hope to soon, in the next few days and weeks, get back into the swing of regularly checking and maintaning things around here. Again, I apologize for being absent, and for having an internet connection that sometimes renders wiki editing difficult if not impossible >.> Anyhow, I see that we have a few new, active users, and I hope to be of help agan sometime soon :)

    -Urk the jerk

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  • Urkelbot666

    Just another blooooog post to whore out my Youtube channel, Web Pulps! I just uploaded a new video narration of the creepypasta Candle Cove. The reading is a collaborative effort between myself and ScarySam (Kryptic Pastas ) from this very wiki! As usual, I worked up some visuals to go along with the reading.

    If you've got ten minutes to spare and want to check it out,it can be viewed by clicking here. And if you're feeling really frisky please do give that Subscribe button a click :D

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  • Urkelbot666

    As is my recent tradition around here, I'm going to be whoring out another video I've done for my Youtube channel Web Pulps. This time I've done the reading I promised (a long time ago ._.') to the winners of the Collaboration Contest, BabylonProject and ScarySam for their story Beneath The Ruins.

    I had another version of it, but my video program wouldn't save it, so here is a version with only still-images. Anyhow, check it out if you have the time, leave a comment if you feel like it. 

    Video can be viewed here! on Youtube

    Or Here On DailyMotion

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  • Urkelbot666

    I've got a new video on my Youtube Channel! It's a narration of a Pasta of "Questionable Quality" about Thomas the Tank Engine. Check it out and indulge me if you will. Here's the channel.

    And the video is below : 3

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