Hey SOGgers

I was trying to think of ways to make the Wiki, and the community more exciting. We had pretty good interest and success with Sshakenbakee's Mindfuck competition, so I was thinking that maybe some more contests/jams could get things hoppin' around here. This blog is for people to give ideas, leave feedback, et cetera. Below, are some of the ideas I have had personally. Let me know what you think :)

FanArt Jams

I know that we have some users on the wiki who dabbe in visual art, and it is something that I have a great interest in. I thought that we might be able to hold occasional gatherings for creating some fanart for the Creepypastas we know and love! These could be either simple exhibitions, or we could turn them into contests.

I think it would be cool to see everyone's different talents, and interpretations of various pastas, characters or the like. We could choose a story and have users create fanart for for it bi-weekly, monthly, whatever. What did it look like when they opened the doors to theRussian Sleep Experiment ? What do you think someone looks like after they've been given a "Funny Mouth" ? How did you imagine the fighting looked in Attrition of War, Show us what you think Tulo Beloff , Lonliness , or hell, evenBootman Bill looks like!

Random Collab Writing Jam!

I've heard some users around here mantion that they would like to work on a collaborative story at one time or another. As difficult as it can be, working with soeone else can also be rewarding, and can teach you a lot!

By doing a random drawing, it would get users paired up with others who they might not typically associate, perhaps a beautiful friendship could blossom out of such a contest, or you could end up hating each other's guts... But who cares? It's just the Internet!

I know that this one is a harder sell, but it might be worth giving a shot once or twice :)

That's all from me at the moment, let me know what you folks think about these, or suggest other events/contests! 


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