so im a hard core gamer and love to play" ANYTHING" releated to the coD franchise, I used to play the orginal call of duty (old school!] All the thyme with my dad and brother and and my brothers g/f and my dad, we would death match eachother most ever day until my dad had to goto work for his job as a game designer for activision then my bro and me would play until i would pwn him  andhe got mad and through the controller at the wall there is still a dent their in the shape of a ps controller,

so liek i said my dad worked for activision programing games and would sometimes bring things home from the ofice, like, beta versions of new, games or unreleased games that you never herd off, it all started when one day my dad came home from work and had bloodshot eyes and said he didnt feel like playing COd tonight and my brother and his g/f were out on a date seeing the movie Trans-formers,

i went to get a drink from the frige and looked at where my dad set down him brief case and saw a blank looking cd their, i looked at it more closer and saw that it looks like a cd-r and had written on it in slopy marker " call of duty 6" and was covered in scratches, why didn't dad told me about this?! i asked myself, i picked up the disk and looked at the other side were it is usually silver and shiny it was dark red, i shrugged it off and took the game and put it in the playstation

when i picked the game up i saw their was a note under it that says ' i tried to stop playing but they are in my dreams now i think i am going insane please get rid of the disk DO NOT PLAY IT' i shrugged it off and put the game into the system and it started and the startup screen popped up,

"wow no loading sceen i said and the main menu popped up, it said call of duty 6xx and showed a really realistic picture of a soldier wit him stomache ripped open and his guts falling out and empty eye sockets, thats pretty gross i said and then i shrugged it off and hit new game

the game started with no tutorial or intro and i was just spawned in the woods with a long bloody knife and 2 gernades, the mission objective popped up and "said slaughter them all!' which i thought was wierd but i shrugged it off and keep playing,

in the jugnle there were no enemies that i could see at first then i made my charater look up into the trees there were creatures in the trees that looked like apes dripping blood and had sharp fangs, when they notice me they jumped down and i tried to attack one with my knife, but, they were too strong, also when i got up close to the apes they had on shirts that say ;Tacobell is opened late' which i thought was really wierd but i shrugged it off

i died soon and my character gave out a loud ear piercing scream that sounded almost like it was real and in my huose it was so loudly that my ears bled but i shrugged it off and hit "CONTINUE" to keep playing this wierd game, this tiem i wa s in a dessert and the sky was red and thunder and lighning flash ad sounded realistic, the mission objective this thyme was said 'You will REGRET what you done' that was really bazaar i thought but i shrigged it off and keept playing, 

when the enemies showed up they came from the ground up from the sand and looked more evil then anything i ever seen the were red with horns and a goat leg and horns, they breath fire and my character cought on fire and started screaming again realisticly and my ears bled more, i shrugged it off and said 'wow dad this is really a new call of duty i don't know?

i restarted again and this time i was in a dark cave with lava and fires everywere and i could here more screams in the background luckily my ears had stop bleeding so i played on, i walked passed a NPC chained to the wall with his eyes gouged out and his legs cut off and his intestines were coming out of him and into his mouth and he was eating his own intestines, i through up all over the sofa but then ishrugged it off an keep playing

there were no enemies hear ad i walked threw the level until i got to a HUGE throne made out of hyper realistic looking HUMAN bones dripping blood, on the throne was a demon with red eyes and started talking he said 'Well danny you looks like you made it to the end to bad you wont survive!!!!!!!; i lost my  shit and started to crying, hw did the game know mt name?!?!?! but i shrugged it off and tried to use my weapon of the devil he didn't take no damage and then he held up his hand and my character become paralyzed, but i too in real life!!!!

i culdnt move and i was crying and shitting my pants and i said please demon don't kill me, he just laughed and grined a bloody tooth grin just then my dad come down and saw what was happened and screamed 'danny what is going on oh my GOD, and he unplugged the tv and then shot it with a gun and blood came out of the broke tv screen!

dad was was that game it almost kill me, well son that was something they found at the office in the desk of a guy who killed himself last year they thik he is responible for murdering all those people and that was a game in his desk, i throug up again and cried, then saidyou mean that game really was THE DEVIL?? my dad said i guess so and you shouldn't have played it i brung it home so i could destroy it but i was sick feeling so i went to bed befor i did it and you SHOULD not hve played it,

i suddenly realized that call of duty 6xx must of meant stood for 666! my dad tried to destroy the disc but it wouldnt scratch or cracked so he mailed it to a random address so hopefully they can destroy it i hope they doesnt play that game though,

it's a year later and my dad killed himself y eating spagheti until him stomach exploeded and i went insane and have to live in a mental hospital and ill never play a call Of duty game again and if you get a cd in the mail from someone you dont know DO NOT PLAY it if you do you might end up liek me

I know that troll pastas are frowned upon here, so i'm just posting this in the form of a blog, and not adding it to the listing. I just had to get all this out of my system... I feel much better now.

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