This isn't a dream I had recently, but it is one that I always remember.

A few years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night after a strange dream, scrawled a few words about it, and promptly went back to sleep. The next morning I woke up, went to work and had no memory of the dream I had the night before.

I came back home that afternoon and went to my bedroom. I noticed a scrap of paper on my nightstand, and picked it up. Scrawled on it in nearly illegible pencil was the following:

Future Dolphin Scarers

At that point, it all came flooding back to me! I remembered the dream I had been so intent on preserving. It involved me, and a friend of mine shooting this guerilla style reality comedy show a la Jackass.

The whole premise was that one of us would hold a hidden camera, while the other hid himself in a public place, (Around a corner, in a trash bin etc.) waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

At the right moment, the hiding partner would spring forth clad in a life size dolphin mask, and tuxedo! Thus scaring the victim, hence the Dolphin Scarers portion of what I wrote. I never figured out the Future part.

I wish that such a television program existed. I don't remember much about the show from my dream aside from what I described. But it involved a lot of smash cuts, and "video-tape" style editing that was present in late 80s early 90s shows. Especially in low budget, afternoon style sports and music shows.

So that is the story of Future Dolphin Scarers, the show that sadly,  never was.


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