I'll try to rememer and recreate my latest dream in this entry..... ... Even though, I know no one reads these ;)

However, this will act as a record for myself, as I tend to forget my dreams even after making note of them in my waking hours.

I thik that last night was a double dream, ut I can only really remember one. This dream involved me being back in high school ( albeit a stripped down, more college like version.)  There was a huge group of us on an upwardly inclined field, taking part in some sort of religious group ceremony, though this was (for whatever reason) taking place at a public school at night. 

After a while of watching friends and classmates recite prayers, and psalms at a raised podium in the grass, we were dismissed. At this point I was able to connect with my friend, Dave. (In real life, Dave is someone I considered one of my best friends. However, my alcoholism has driven a wedge between us. I haven't spoken to him in nearly 2 years)

Dave and I talked and joked, until we were separated in the crowd of students, apparently dismissed back to class(even though it was after nightfall) I met back up with a few lesser friends, and apparently changed into a Batman Costume, I assume there are parts of the dream leading up to this that I can't remember.

Evetually, I (still in my Batman suit) met back up with Dave in an outdoor soundstage, or gathering place. The Danny Devito Penguin fron Batman Returns appeared and started talking a speil. It was obvious at this point that the whole thing was for show. Although in the dream it was still a bit foggy. 

I wish I reembered more, but this is all I can recall  at the moment. 

The main themes I could grasp were that people liked my Batman costume, (I guess i'm not what you would call a 'cosplayer' but I take my Halloween costumes very seriously) and that I truly and desperately miss my longtime friend Dave.

That is all,


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