So, I've seen quite a few Five Nights at Freddy's creepypastas in the past few months. There is something I've noticed in a few of them. I think in at least 2 or 3 pastas I've read that in the "Bite of '87" someone got their "frontal lobe bitten off."

I understand that in the game the Bite of 87 is described as an incident where an animatronic puppet bites a person. It is implied that the injury results in this victim losing the use of their frontal lobe. 

I feel I must bring up the wording I've read in several stories. As mentioned before, The pastas say that the frontal lobe was bitten off. It's part of an internal organ, it can't really be 'bitten off.' 

A bear couldn't bite off your liver, nor could something bite off your brain without probably removing your head. Something can bite your head and injure your frontal lobe. Something's teeth could go into your frontal lobe. 

The removal of the frontal lobe of the brain would require a quite intricate, and talented bite. 


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