I just realized that today marks my one year anniversary for joining the SOG wiki :D 2,650 edits later, I have confirmed that I still have no life! 

I want to thank all of you good folks for accepting me into your little community. I'm very happy to have been able to read a lot of really great sp00ky stories (and a lot of not so great ones -- see ECCO). I'm expecially pleased with all the folks I've met from being around here. I've made a lot of friends and acquaintances at a time in my life when I don;t get out much XD I appreciate having met all you people who put up with my long winded reviews, weird stories, and my faulty keyboard which sometimes misses letters... also, my tendency to accidentally use semi-colons instead of apostrophes (I'm not good at typing with my pinkie)

Anyhow, hooray for a year here, and here's to another one! 

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