So, I have been having some issues with the Visual Editor (My personal favorite to use for format and other minor edits) getting stuck "Loading" indefinitely. I've heard that some other users are having this happen as well. Apparently Wikia as a whole just made a big update to the Visual Editor which didn't cause any issues, but brought to light issues which may have been present for some time. Something like, the old editor didn't address or show the old errors, and the new one does (this is what I can tell so far).

In any case, There may be an issue on our end that could be fixed with some changes to this wiki's code. To be honest, I have absolutely NO FUCKING IDEA what a lot of this means, or how it can be fixed XD. But there are a few posts about it at Community Central here.

Do any Mods, Admins, or Bcrats know how to implement any of the fixes discussed in the Community Central thread? I know that I would personally love to have the VIsual editor back up and running for everyone. Any info or thoughts on this matter would be appreciated :)

Hope all is well with you goons, have a good one.


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