My internet service leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of speed and quality. Speed takes a massive dive after we have reached our bandwidth limit, and sometimes strange things begin to happen. Certain pages will not load, downloading files is hit or miss (mostly miss) and the connection drops out from time to time.

This Wiki is one of the pages I frequent most, and usually gives me little to no trouble whether my bandwidth is used up, or not. I figure this is since, mostly this is just a text based page, with very little to load in the way of media. 

However, in the past day or two I am noticing a strange trend becoming apparent. I don't seem to be able to view any pages on this Wiki which contain a file extension in the title. I wanted to check out something n the front page yesterday, I believe it was a FNAF pasta with a ".exe" in the title. It consistently gave me an error that the page could not be loaded. I was going to attempt to re-read Aeris's new story "Run.exe" and I was given the same error. And this just happened again for a page with ".avi" in the title.

So apparently my Internet service does not approve of any ".xxx" stories around here. I imagine it is something to do with how it is reading the pages, perhaps interpreting the titles as actual files with their dot extensions.

Given the nature of the vast majority of ".exe" pastas, perhaps this is a good thing...

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